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During this meeting, Mr. Aryobee gave a short account the legal background and framework of Asan Khedmat, in which H.E. Minister admired the work they have done. Mr. Aryobee stated, “Asan Khedmat will not snatch their responsibilities and errands of the civil servants, but rather provide them the legal framework, policy and guidelines for the current complicated and bureaucratic systems in which not only their time will be saved, but also the gap which has already taken place in between the government and the inhabitants will be reduced and omitted. Asan Khedmat will play a vital role by make available the latest and updated technology, software, capacity building trainings and the most important, play as a team for eradication of corruption and provide ease for the public”. Mohammad Omer Aryan, the legal advisor of Asan Khedmat said, “Researches which has been conducted for satisfaction and nonsatisfaction of providing public services throughout the world is 46%. Therefore, Asan Khedmat has been established to provide the qualitative, transparent and efficient services”. He added, “Before implementation of the activities, the Asan Khedmat team drafted the guidelines and legal framework to achieve the goal efficiently and effectively”.H.E. Minister said, “To eradicate corruption and move towards transparency, innovations and efficiency is our duty and everyone should take part. He also added, I’m against bureaucracy, but keen to implement this national project across the country. We are extremely happy that Afghanistan is establishing One-Stop shop of public services under one roof. Therefore, there are few services which will be attached with Asan Khedmat after the services have been simplified by Asan Khedmat team. At the end he said, Ministry of Justice is fully committed to work closely with Asan Khedmat for better implementation and make successful.

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