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During the meeting, the Technical Advisor for Asan Khedmat Mr. Ahmad Reza Khawar who had prepared a presentation on “Asan Wazifa” and (LMIS) presented and highlighted the technical aspects of the portal. He added, the work progress is smooth and in upcoming months the portal will be fully completed. Mr. Ahmad Shah Salehi, the Deputy Admin Minister in MoLSAMD, after welcoming the Asan Khedmat team said “We really proud on our new generation and surely confident for their innovations and creativities, by the implementation of this portal “Asan Wazifa” and (LMIS) not only bureaucracy will be eliminated but also opens the doors for transparency”. The “Asan Wazifa” and (LMIS) is a type of portal that helps our Afghan job seekers as it has been mentioned in the MoU.

  • Asan Passport

    Passport is a government valuable document which enables citizens to travel across the globe and which certifies the nationality and identity of its holder abroadread more.

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  • Asan Visa

    The Asan Visa Services is considered for international guests who needs to extend their presence in the country.

  • MSP

    MSP connects all the government organizations and ministries. Mobile Salary Payment is Money transaction through Mobile.

  • Asan Jawaz

    Asan Jawaz is the work permit service both for national and international citizens who want to work in Afghanistan and need work permit.