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The Asan Khedmat team visited Ministry of Interior Affairs departments’ representatives on Sunday 2nd of October 2016 held on Deputy Security Chief Conference hall in Ministry of Interior Affairs. During the meeting, where the representatives of different directorates were present, Mr. Shahzad Aryobee the Director of Asan Khedmat after welcoming the directors and representatives, gave a short presentation on how this new initiative is a positive step towards transparency and effective service delivery in Afghanistan in which the participants welcomed and praised the Asan Khedmat. Meanwhile, Mr. Aryobee said: with new initiative not only the level of corruption will be decreased but also removes the barriers and current gaps between people and the government entities. Mr. Muhammad Ajan Deenarkhil the representative of the criminal department, after the admiration and glorifying stated “with the implementation of this new project the current databases which relating to criminal records that are sporadic will be centralized and will be much beneficial in differentiating the crimes in departments”. He added, in developed countries they use the latest and updated technology to control, reduce and curb the crimes’ level, even a new born child is advised to be done for biometric services. Therefore, he’s hopeful that with the implementation of Asan Khedmat the crimes level with new effective techniques would be decreased”. Mr. Gul Rehman Ahmadzai the new electric ID Cards Technical Department Head said. “The current biometric systems of MoIA are very complicated, each department based on their needs and procedures developed their own biometric system like Passport, NIC, and Criminal Directorates and offices. But, what I have observed, with implementation of Asan Khedmat all the different databases and biometric systems will be unified, all the departments and directorates can use the reliable and valuable data all the time and will also stop illegal services delivery across the country. The population registration office head Mr. Zmarai Baher stated. “The only reason behind the corruption in governmental offices is the direct contact of the applicant with the government employees, but with implementation of this new innovation not only we can stop direct unnecessary contacts but also itself is a barrier for the corruption”. Mr. Shahzad Aryobee at the end of the meeting suggested from all the representatives that, “our experts to have a glance on the current situation, what technology using, what problems exist and how these problems tackling will come to your offices and might ask you and your employees questions, to be perfect kindly be cooperative and assist them in all aspects. And also Mr. Aryobee mentioned that for building the capacity of your office employees with the new systems and updated technology and databases we will have trainings and group discussions in order to deliver the government services in a proper way”.

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