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Informative and educational workshop on Mobile Salary Payment (MSP) to provincial council members and directors of education departments

11-Saratan-1987 (02-Jul-2018)
Asan Khedmat conducted informative and educational workshop on Mobile Salary
Payment (MSP) to provincial council members and directors of education
department of Kabul, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Laghman, Khost, Balkh, Takhar, Herat,
Paktia, Parwan and Badakhshan provinces. Among the participants, Dr. Sayed
Hamidullah, Administrative Deputy Minister (MoE), Dr. Temor Sharan, Deputy
Director of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), and Mr. Alam Shah
Ibrahimi, Director General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance also participated in the
workshop as guest of honors.
Mr. Mohammad Naim Chamkani, Administrative Director of Asan Khedmat
welcomed the participants and provided brief information about the MSP system,
effectiveness and key facilities of MSP. He added, that MSP system enables school
teachers to receive their monthly salary in their villages via Roshan and AWCC local
Dr. Hamidullah, Administrative Deputy Minister (MoE) expressed thanks to Asan
Khedmat and added that MSP is valued facilities for all departments, but for MoE it’s
more than just a quick and easy way of salary payment. MSP saves time and
money, curbs corruption, and defend the ministry against various false allegations.
MoE has approximately 260,000 employees of which 160,000 receive their salary
through banks. Remaining 100,000 receive their salaries via accountant/cashier
which opens doors for ghost teachers and various allegations. Thus MSP system is
an important service for MoE and promised further support in this regards. He also
requested assistance from provincial directors of MoE to establish and support the
MSP system.
Dr. Temor Sharan also spoke in support of the MSP system and added that the
mentioned system is vital for good governance. He said that MSP system has good
accountability system and plays key role in legitimacy of the system.
Mr. Ibrahimi mentioned that MSP system is important to strengthen national budget.
He said that Afghanistan is one of those countries which depends on various donors
for financial support. He considered the payment of salaries via cashiers in MoE as
costly and inappropriate method which raises great concerns from donors. Thus,
donors are not supporting old and inappropriate costly system and insists to
introduce transparent and effective system like MSP system.

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