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  • Asan Khedmat Conducted Training to MoLSAMD

    • Nov 04, 2014 Nov 04, 2014

    Asan Khedmat conducted its first training session to 20 experts and specialists of Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled which was held today, January 9th 2017. The history, opportunities, MoU events, ongoing simplification processes, simplification methods, Asan Khedmat HQ and first service center, latest technology and software, training and learning systems, capacity building methods, legal framework, policies and strategies, questions and answers also been presented by the Director and experts of Asan Khedmat.

  • Experts & Specialists of Afghanistan Asan Khedmat Visited Azerbaijan ASAN Xidmat

    • 2016 Dec 12,

    It is to mention that, the specialists of Public Relation & Communication first visited ASAN Radio, Call Centers, Online Chat System and Cultural and Social sections of ASAN Xidmat. Meanwhile, studied their Public Relation, International Relation and Communication Strategies and policies. During the visit, Mr. Anar Huseynov the head of Public Relation and Miss. Turana Gasimova Chief Advisor of Public Relations gave a short presentation on public relations and communications. Additionally, Mr. Mahammadali Khudaverdiyev the Head of Protocol Division and Mr. Elchin HUSEYNLI, Deputy Director of International Relations and Miss. Laman Ahmadova the Human Resources and Training Department Senior Specialist gave a short presentation on International Relations and Asan Wazifa. Moreover, together they will work closely on PR and IR strategies and policies. Likewise, The Engineering team of Asan Khedmat visited 5 ASAN Xidmat centers of Azerbaijan which was planned to have a glance in terms of construction and designing purposes, after visiting all the centers the Asan Khedmat engineers and the contracted designing teams have worked closely in the context of Afghanistan climate on first service center and Administration building of Afghanistan Asan Khedmat.

  • Asan Passport

    Passport is a government valuable document which enables citizens to travel across the globe and which certifies the nationality and identity of its holder abroadread more.

  • Asan Visa

    The Asan Visa Services is considered for international guests who needs to extend their presence in the country.

  • MSP

    MSP connects all the government organizations and ministries. Mobile Salary Payment is Money transaction through Mobile.

  • Asan Jawaz

    Asan Jawaz is the work permit service both for national and international citizens who want to work in Afghanistan and need work permit.

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