Legal Framework

This component comprises activities which lay down the legal and strategic basis for a seamless functioning of Asan Khedmat. The simplification of public processes needs focused legal supervision. The establishment of the “Asan Khedmat” needs an appropriate and consistent legal basis embedded in national legislation. The introduction of new technologies and the digitization of public processes requires a legal framework. Defining the strategic orientation and ensuring the adherence to the guidelines and directives is embedded in this component.

In order to determine the entity of organization, range of authorities and activities the draft law is created, which shall be processed through its legal channels.
The related Government Regulations mentioned in the draft law are taken in priority and would be completed till mid-April and in order to create smooth organization on activities internal regulations and procedures are also determined as bellow which would be completed before the launch of First Asan Khedmat Center.
The legal section have also drafted MoUs with State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Labors and Public Work, Ministry of Interior Affairs to address their system problems and simplify their services rendering processes as per the framework of Asan Khedmat.

Number Title
1 Reward and punishment regulation for Asan Khedmat centers and involved organization staff.
2 Asan Khedmat Authority Bank Account Regulation.
3 Volunteer staff recruitment regulation.
4 Regulation on service rendering in Asan Khedmat centers.
5 Regulation on oversight of service rendering.
6 Regulation on procedure changing and simplification of services rendering.
7 Regulation on the usage of Asan Khedmat facilities.
8 Procedure on call and complaints center.
9 Regulation on set-out of private sector services and its rendering.
10 Procedure on organization of activities on Asan Khedmat Authority directorates and their relations.
11 Procedure on Uniform of Asan Khedmat centers.
12 Procedure on ethical behavior of Asan Khedmat centers staff.