Information & Communication Technology

Information technology and software plays a central role in the Asan Khedmat model. The simplification and integration of public services involves a (partial) digitization, which necessitates the establishment of the Asan Khedmat e-Gov framework.
Besides, extensive software technology is needed for the operation of the Asan Khedmat centers. The component encompasses the following activities
• Conduct software needs assessment
• Identify required software for the public services infrastructure
• Customize software shared by ASAN Khedmat State Agency of Azerbaijan
• Deploy customized and newly developed software
• Conduct Hardware needs assessment. Install and test hardware environment
• Assess and implement communication technology infrastructure
Apart from that, Asan Khedmat will be equipped with a modern and secure data center. The ASAN Khedmat State Agency of Azerbaijan makes available all software which it has developed and which is operational.
• Support systems: Queue management system (regulation of citizens’ flow); Monitoring and assessment system (assessment of service providers); Feedback-Survey system (collection of citizen’s feedback); Call-Center; Public Service Registry
• ASAN Khedmat internal systems: HR management system; Document management system; Finance management system, Intranet and IP Telephony
The ICT team is working together with governmental agencies to solve their present technological bottlenecks and problems to enable the services to be integrated in Asan Khedmat. The main activities of the team are summarized below:
- MoLSAMD: Labor Market Information System - Asan LMIS and the job portal Asan Wazifa
- MoI: Study, design and implementation of technical solution for Passport Directorate and Civil Registration
- MoI- Study, design and implementation of Vehicle Registration system for Traffic Directorate
- MoI- Audit and assess the e-NID project
- MoI- Study the biometric system and coordinate the integration
- MoF: Study and design the integration of the applications of the Directorate of Revenue
- AK Azerbaijan: Study the software systems of AK Azerbaijan and develop adaptation strategies and plan, adapt and implement the Online Registration System (e-Registry) and HRMS (Human Resources Management System)