Human Resources & Training

Aim and Objectives
To enhance the capacity development of ASAN KHADMAT employee’s in order to achieve their tasks accurately and formation of skills and abilities necessary for achieving the highest rate of citizen satisfaction with public services.

At the end of the program participants would be able to
a) Increase job satisfaction and morals among employees
b) Increase employees motivation
c) Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methodologies
d) Increase innovation in strategies and product
e) Reduce employees turnover
f) Enhance company image
g) To facilitate quality services to citizen
h) To having proper communication
i) To conducting customer satisfaction survey
Expected Outcomes/Results
- Upgrading of the management systems in ASAN KHADMAT
- Improvement of the communication and manners of interaction among the staff
- Increasing cooperation and coordination in AK
- Increasing the quality and speed of performances in the AK
- Improvement of new technologies and new systems
- Increase innovation in strategies and products based on the Azerbaijan A K standard.
- Improvement in monitoring and evaluation of A K branch in Kabul and Provinces
- Improve the report system
Training Methodology
Most of the research showing that there is two kind of teaching system, one is called Pedagogy and the second is Andragogy, and everyone has their own benefits, Pedagogy is focusing on Child education system and Andragogy is focusing on adult education, in many workshops, training and seminars we are using Adult education system, this system is completely participatory methodologies with several facilitation ways , each has certain advantages and disadvantages, here we list the different methods of training , every trainer select the method based on subject and training environment, and he has to select the most effective methods
- Brain storming
- Group work
- Lecturer
- Snowballing
- Case study
- Performance
- Roll play
- Field visit
- Coaching
- Mentoring
- Moves shows