The Government of Afghanistan has established a new initiative called Asan Khedmat (a One-Stop Shop for public services), which currently operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The idea behind this concept is to have common public services together with government services for businesses, and auxiliary services from the private sector under one roof. Asan Khedmat will thus contribute to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Afghan Government public services delivery and enhance the responsiveness to the needs of the Afghan citizen and businesses.

The citizen and businesses are dependent on the government as the sole provider of public services e.g. the issuance of valuable documents. Public service delivery in Afghanistan, is unfortunately marked - amongst others - by too much bureaucracy, manual, lengthy and complicated processes, endemic corruption and the lack of capable, devoted and accountable civil servants. This, in turn, has led to

• The failure of the state to gain the trust of the citizens
• High expenses for the citizens who are dependent on governmental public services
• Loss of income for the government
• Reliance of the citizens on forged documents
• Reduced investor confidence
• High costs and uncertainty for investors and businesses
• Increase of the distance between citizens and the government
• Dissatisfied and disenfranchised citizens

To address the above challenges, the High Economic Council of Ministers in its 11th meeting in March 2016 approved and accepted the concept of Asan Khedmat. This decision followed from the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, in which the government committed to simplifying the procedures and processes of public services.