The Asan Khedmat Model

The Asan Khedmat model relies on service centers with an architecture which emphasizes brightness, transparency, and efficiency. Public services, services for businesses and auxiliary private services are rendered under one roof. Services in Asan Khedmat are delivered by the employees of the service delivering agency, after having passed a rigorous training.

Organizational Structure

The determination is to prioritize the delivery of quality public services by creating a dedicated authority for the establishment, support, monitoring, and control of the Asan Khedmat service centers. To have a responsive organizational structure for this national level institution, it is required that an inclusive structure be developed to lead, manage and supervise the Asan Khedmat centers in the capital as well as in the regions and provinces.

The Asan Khedmat Authority

The Asan Khedmat Authority will be the parent organization of all Asan Khedmat centers, operating as a central body with executive power, managing and coordinating the activities of the centers. The Asan Khedmat Authority will also be responsible for:
• Developing strategy and policy for the delivery of public services
• Streamlining the delivery of public services in the centers based on the principles of efficiency, transparency, responsibility, gentleness, and comfort
• Providing assessment of each service rendered in the centers regarding conformity to the law and to the directives regarding quality and transparency
• Controlling the adherence to the rules of ethical behavior by the employees of the state agencies who are dispatched to the centers
• Facilitating automated service delivery through the development of a modern infrastructure
• Providing courses and various trainings aimed at developing ethical behavior and skills in managing the flow of citizens, dealing with the public, and skills in effective interpersonal communication of the employees of the government agencies dispatched to the centers
• Monitoring and control of the service centers and ensuring public outreach
• Conducting research for developing social innovation in the realization of services rendered by the state entities
• Analyzing each service rendered by the government entities with the aim of upgrading the technological infrastructure, information systems, and databases and enlisting the service in the Electronic Services Registry to facilitate the provision of services in electronic form
• Analyzing services rendered by the government entities for the private sector with the aim of identifying and removing constraints and enhancing investor facilitation
• Planning and constructing the Asan Khedmat service centers

The Asan Khedmat Services Center

The Asan Khedmat services center will be the operative area where representatives from the various government agencies offer their services. Various services will be delivered under one roof where the front office is in direct contact with the citizen. The citizen on entering the center registers for the respective service in the queuing system either with the aid of the help desk or via the electronic queuing machines. The operative staff of the center will consist of permanent Asan Khedmat employees, of volunteers who will enjoy the benefits of the training program, and the staff of the service delivering agency (e.g. the Ministry of Interior), who are likewise trained by Asan Khedmat.
Along with the public service deliverer, the private sector is encouraged to offer their services in the center.