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Biometric Leads to Transparency in Salary Payments!

One of the main goals of Mobile Salary Payment (MSP) of Asan Khedmat is to prohibit ghost employees especially (teachers and schools) and bring transparency to their salaries, and all the government employees will be able to receive their salaries easier, reliable and faster. Biometric system makes salary payment digitalize, all those government employees/civil servants who facing with obstacles while receiving their salaries will be eradicated.

For the time being the process is such that, every teacher to get his/her salary must go to the bank in the official timings even just to know their salaries have been credited to their accounts or not, in which this not only wasting his/her time, energy and resources but also the students, sometimes this action could deal with life in unpredictable situations.

With the implementation of the biometric process, teachers will be able to receive their salaries from the representative of AWCC and Roshan telecommunication companies in their cities, villages, districts or from branches of MSP located in the banks. From the other side, they will know how much money they have in their accounts.  

Mobile Salary Payment system is currently being implemented in the Ministry of Education, and it has more focus on the registration and biometrics of the ministry's staff which has been implementing by the Roshan and AWCC telecommunication companies contracted with Asan Khedmat.

This process is such that: Firstly, after receiving the approved list based on proper database by the MCIT, the available data being computerized and then the biometric session will be implemented.  

MoE is committed to bring transparency in salary distribution through precise list of teachers and employees, and make the employees responsible to contribute for simplification process of government public process.


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