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    • Mobile Salary Payment (MSP)

      • Mobile Salary Payment (MSP) Description:

      Mobile Salary Payment (MSP) plays a prominent role in the considerations of the Government of Afghanistan, to digitize government-to-person (G2P) payments and to enhance financial inclusion. After a pilot in the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled (MoLSAMD), H.E. the President assigned Asan Khedmat to lead the scale-up of MSP to the Ministry of Education and other line ministries. Mobile Salary Payments (MSP) is a reform initiative of the government of Afghanistan and is one of the means of financial digitization and strengthening financial inclusion. The government of Afghanistan began engaging with MSP in 2015. The first ministry to undergo a pilot rollout was MOLSAMD where 4000 Kabul based staff now receive salaries through MSP. MOLSAMD plans on expanding MSP services to its provincial staff and to its beneficiaries. Another rollout, also beginning in 2015 is covering 15000 MOI staff in 49 districts of 12 provinces of Afghanistan. The government has now decided to expand MSPs to MOE beginning with the three provinces of Nangarhar (summer calendar, First Grade Province), Farah (Relatively inaccessible province) and Parwan (relatively accessible province).

      Mobile Salary Payment (MSP):

      Progress achievements

      Activity Description Status
      Managing Mobile Salary Payment in MoLSAMD 4500 employees located in Kabul of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled receive their salary through Mobile Money. Asan Khedmat is responsible for a seamless operation of the disbursements and the expansion of the program to other provinces. On-going
      Mobile Salary Payment in MoIA 14000 Local Police presently receive their salary through Mobile Money. Asan Khedmat will take the lead of the program and streamline the presently flawed processes and expand the program. On-going
      Mobile Salary Payment in MoE Asan Khedmat is presently planning to introduce MSP in the Ministry of Education (MoE). The first phase comprises 3 provinces (Nangrahar, Parwan and Farah). The procurement process for contracting a Mobile Network Operator is in process. On-going
      Expansion of Mobile Salary Payment to other Ministries The Mobile Salary Payment program of the government is to be expanded to all ministries under the responsibility of Asan Khedmat. On-going

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