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  • Work Permit for Foreign Nationals

    • Work permit for Foreigners Description:

    The work permit is an essential document for every foreigner working in Afghanistan. Directorate for foreigners’ work permits works within the ministry. The process of obtaining work permit by foreigners was previously a very complicated and semi-computerized, which is now simplified by Asan Khedmat and foreigners can acquire work permit easily and through a computerized procedure. Information regarding work permit for foreigners is distinguished below.

    The applicant first fill the work permit form that they can receive from the website of Asan khedmat or website of the MoLSAMAD or either from reception of the department. Once form is filled and all the necessary documents (introduction letter, original passport, working license of the company and a request letter) are collected, the applicant must submit the form along with the documents to the reception area within the ministry. The reception, once checked all the documents, will send the documents to the service window. Once the service window’s customer service provider checks the entire document, he/she then enters the documents in database and provides the applicant with the fee payment slip. The customer service provider, after collecting the paid bank receipt and all the documents sends the documents to the supervisor, who in turn give his approval electronically and the applicant is provided with the work permit.

    Work permit for Foreigners:


    Steps 14
    Required Documents Original passport with valid visa, introduction letter, company license
    Process Fee 10,000Afs
    Average Time 1 day


    Steps 7
    Required documents Original passport with valid visa, introduction letter, company license, filled application form
    Process Fee 10,000Afs
    Average Time 60 mints

    Work permit for Foreigners Image Map:

    Work Permit for foreign nationals Renewal

    • Work permit for Foreign nationals Renewal Description:

    The work permit expired on every year, those foreigners who works in Afghanistan for more than one year needs to renew their work permit every year. The updated work permit is a compulsory document for the visa extension. Unemployment is also an issue of Afghanistan which also affect the overall economic life of the people. Afghanistan labor law avoid to recruit foreigners on those positions where Afghan are available with the required skills. All those foreigners working in Afghanistan has responsibility to train the Afghans during their employment period.

    The process requires original passport with visa, introduction letter, filled application form and justification for renewal. Initially applicant has to take application form from website and fill as it is required. The form should be signs be the authorize person of the company. The applicant should attach all require documents and visit the work permit department located inside of the ministry. The reception will check the documents according to the checklist and enters the information in data-base. The employee is responsible to scan the justification and other documents to send for electronically for approval. The director should analyze the justification approves or reject the application.

    Work permit for Foreign nationals:


    Steps 10
    Required Documents Original passport with visa, introduction letter, filled application form, justification for renewal,
    Process Fee 10,000Afs
    Average Time 60 Mints

    Work permit for Foreigners nationals Renewal Image Map:

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