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  • At present, accurate and reliable data and information relating to workforce and skilled labor and also monitoring and controlling of the professionals in the country which has to be in the trusted websites are unavailable. There is no such mechanism to retrieve accurate and reliable data, retrieving information from piles of papers and documents requires tiresome human efforts and is prone to human-error, the ease which is in Asan Wazifa hasn’t been found in other websites. The required data and information could be found only in hard copies which is in non-digital format makes it impossible, or at least difficult and time consuming. Online services for Job seekers and individuals who are interested in training courses for capacity building is not available. For example, official trainings announcing through government entities, the applicants can first visit the related department for filling the forms which is being already prepared by relevant entities can register personally in the ministry, they must visit all the relevant departments for approval and signatures, this lengthy and time-consuming processes creating not only responding but also can’t take part in the training.

    It is worth mentioning, the government to provide job opportunities to take the right decision needs accurate and proper database of skilled labor that the government lacking, Asan Wazifa is the solution to provide the entities with accurate information platform anytime need it.

    With the implementation of such system, the bureaucracy in the market will be annihilated, all the policy maker entities will have exact and accurate information and also will create facilities for job seekers.

    Labor Market Information System (LMIS) is one of the objectives of Asan Khedmat in which Work permit for nationals and foreigners register and distributing. This system helps not only the job seekers to add their information in the Asan Wazifa but also assist the government entities and private sector to have accurate information across the country and outside the border areas. This system allows all the entities to announce all their vacancies through one-window and could find the best candidates in online.

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  • Asan Passport

    Passport is a government valuable document which enables citizens to travel across the globe and which certifies the nationality and identity of its holder abroad.

  • Visa Extension

    The Asan Visa Services is considered for international guests who needs to extend their presence in the country. The online visa application form will be launched in on Jan 15 2017.

  • Asan Jawaz

    Asan Jawaz is the work permit service both for national and international citizens who want to work in Afghanistan and need work permit. This online service will launched on Feb 15 2017.