One Stop Shop for public services

    Infrastructure (Construction):

    Asan Khedmat is constructing a building that will house the Asan Khedmat service center, and the Administrative Office of Asan Khedmat, the parent organization for all Asan Khedmat centers. The building is being designed and structured in accordance with strict guidelines which include amongst others the ability to accommodate. .

    • Special infrastructure for information and communication technology
    • A data center
    • Security needs and a CCTV system
    • Training facilities
    • Facilities for public outreach
    • A Media center and call/complaint center
    • ISO 9001 compatibility

    The administrative building is designed and constructed concurrently with the first service center. The design and construction of the service center must meet the following additional requirements: .

    • Facilitate the delivery of various government services
    • Cope with the rush of large numbers of citizens without obstruction
    • Facilitate easy guidance of the citizens seeking public services
    • Facilitate monitoring and gathering of statistical data
    • Facilitate easy access to information for the citizen
    • Facilitate easy access for the citizen to issue complaints
    • Facilitate mother care and kid’s area
    • Facilitate parking space
    Activity Description Status
    Knowledge transfer with architectural bureau One week visit to Azerbaijan by constructional engineers of Asan Khedmat. Discussions and knowledge transfer with the architectural bureau commissioned with the design of the administrative building and the first service center . Completed
    Transfer of land for construction One hectare of a land has been transferred to Asan Khedmat to build the Administrative Office and the first Services Center of Asan Khedmat. Completed
    Site clearance and examining of ground conditions The site is cleared for construction and the ground conditions examined. Completed
    Design of construction for Asan Khedmat completed and construction company has been commissioned The design of the Administrative Office of Asan Khedmat and the first Services Center is completed. The tendering process in conjunction with the National Procurement Agency is ended and a construction company has been commissioned. On-going
    Renovation in the Passport Directorate The deployment of the newly developed passport issuance software was accompanied by structural changes e.g. relocation of walls, etc. designed and supervised by Asan Khedmat. On-going

  • Process Simplifications

    This component is led by the objective to simplify lengthy, time consuming and complicated bureaucratic processes of selected public services with the goal to (partially) digitize and integrate the public service in the service center.

    • Information Technology

      Information and Communication Technologies are revolutionizing our way to better communicate, work, bank and shop. E-government is capable of delivering government services faster, more effectively, more reliably and more economically. The ICT directorate in Asan Khedmat is aimed to conceptualize sophisticated technological solutions. in order to automate, simplify and shorten time consuming processes.

      • Publication and Public Relations

        The relations to international and national institutions on the one hand and outreach to the general public on the other hand, are important cornerstones of Asan Khedmat.

        • HR and Capacity Building

          The success of the Asan Khedmat model is dependent on the quality of the managerial and operative staff. The objective of this component is the recruitment and development of human resources. Continual training of the Asan core staff and the staff of the service deliverer is central to the concept of Asan Khedmat.

          • Legal policy and Strategy

            This component comprises activities which lay down the legal and strategic basis for a seamless functioning of Asan Khedmat. The simplification of public processes needs focused legal supervision. The establishment of the “Administrative Office of Asan Khedmat” needs an appropriate and consistent legal basis embedded in national legislation.

            • Engineering and AK centers

              Asan Khedmat is constructing a building that will house the Asan Khedmat service center, and the Administrative Office of Asan Khedmat, the parent organization for all Asan Khedmat centers. The building is being designed and structured.

              • MSP

                Mobile Salary Payment (MSP) plays a prominent role in the considerations of the Government of Afghanistan, to digitize government-to-person (G2P) payments and to enhance financial inclusion. The President assigned Asan Khedmat to lead the scale-up of MSP to the Ministry of Education and other ministries.