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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of Traffic Computerized and Simplified System Signed.

With the signing of this MOU, all the traffic related documents public services processes would be simplified, driving license and vehicle registrations will be converted to Smart cards which will have a positive impact in controlling of the traffic.


With the technical support of Asan Khedmat and coordination of Ministry of Interior Affairs aiming to computerize the public services, providing ease, transparency and efficiency. The MOU was signed in Government Media and Information centre GMIX between MCIT and MOIA ministers.      


This MOU covers public services simplification, recruiting qualified staffs and building the existing personnel capacities, system development and upgrading the legal documents. It is worth mentioning that the new system links all the customs and other relevant organizations institution, this linkage will help all the related organization to have the specifications of the vehicles whenever they are importing to Afghanistan. H.E. MOIA minister appreciated stated, “We are quite happy using in-house skills for the development of national projects such as traffic development system, this system with the strong assistances of MOIA and technical support of Asan Khedmat will be implemented.” He added, the all the all the Kabul city will be covered with cameras for reading the plates of the vehicles and later on will be extended to the provinces.  

H.E. MCIT Minister Mr. Aryobee was focusing on implementation of the system. He stated, “with the implementation of such latest system transparency and efficiency in public services would be witnessed and is a step towards innovations in management”. He added, all the traffic related public services will be provided and delivered from one centre which is one-stop shop for public service.


H.E. MOIA minister expressed that the new system will have positive impact in controlling the traffic crimes. He added “This system will have positive affect on revenue collection and controlling traffic crimes” He appreciates the skills and capacity of Asan Khedmat stated that Afghanistan is now in a stage that Afghanistan don’t need to request other developed countries to implement this kind of projects.

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