One Stop Shop for public services

“We’re Committed for Bringing Positive Changes”



Mr. Naim Chamkanai the Director of Asan Khedmat met Mr. Laluddin Aryobi the Director of the National Support Authority for Persons with Disability and Heirs of Martyrs NSAPDHM. Simplification of the complicated and lengthy public services and its system was the agenda of the meeting. All the aspects of the simplification discussed.



Which area will be focused in this joint work of AK and NSAPDHM?

Chamkanai: AK has clear objectives, goals and mission, working with all those organizations who are delivering public services, and NSAPDHM is one of those organizations. This joint work project has been requested by the NSAPDHM leadership and according to the rules and regulations of AK, we will assist in the simplification of the public services’ processes and will be establishing “One- Stop Shop for Public Services”.  



When did you start working together?

Chamkanai: As this administration is independently established a month ago, therefore we are in the initial stages. Earlier, this administration was related to the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled and we have done some prior study for analysing the processes. NSAPDHM have five public services processes, each one is very complicated and lengthy, every one of these five public services have 50 to 70 steps, which is very difficult for the heirs of martyrs and disabled. AK is committed to simplify the current services.





What changes and facilities will be brought by AK in NSAPDHM?

Chamkanai: In NSAPDHM, there are enough human resources, but due to lack of proper system, many tasks remain incomplete. Fortunately, Mr. Laluddin Aryobee is the person who has strong decision for bringing positive changes, with the help of AK the public will observe positive changes and will have simplified process.



How much time it will take implementing this project?

Chamkanai: The moment the legal section has been framed we can implement this project around six months.



What are the Key challenges in this joint work project?

Chamkanai: National Support Authority for Persons with Disability and Heirs of Martyrs NSAPDHM is a newly established administration and presently they don’t have a comprehensive Legal frame work, it is very clear that working with such organization is not easy, but fortunately the leadership of this administration have strong commitment for positive changes, therefore, we believe that we will not be faced with lots of the problems.


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