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Ministry of Finance

Samll Tax Payers Office (STO) Medium Tax Payers Office(MTO)
Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) Tax Identification Number (TIN)
National Insurance

Ministry of Commerce and Industries

Trading License Trading License Renewal
Investment License Investment License Renewal
License for Cooperatives License for Cooperatives Renewal
license for Trading Pharmaceuticals Business Visa Invitation

Ministry of Interior Affairs

National Identity Card (NID) National ID Replacement
ID Verification Addition of Surname to ID
Police Registration for Foreign Nationals Vehicle Registration Document
Vehicle Registration Document Renewal Driving License
Taxi and Transport Service License Renewal of Driving License
International Driving License Buying and Selling Vehicle
Issuance of Criminal Record

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled

Pension for Retired Public Servants Financial Support for Security Agencies Martyrs
Financial Support for Security Agencies Martyrs

Ministry of Justice

Property Dealer License Property Dealer License Renewal
Property Dealer License Cancellation Attestation of Social & Legal Document


Wastage Clearance Taxes Property Registration
Union License Issuance (Small businesses)

Supreme Court

Marriage Certificate Marriage letter
Property Documents

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Attestation of International Documents Attestation of National Education Documents
Attestation of Legal and Social Documents Attestation of Translated ID