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12 March 2019 

Online Passport inaugurated!

Asan Khedmat with coordination of Ministry of Interior Affairs and market demand established Online Passport system where the system not only provided ease for the applicants but also for the Central Passport Directorate’s (CPD) staffs.  

Passport is a valuable document carrying all over the world that fortunately the second phase has been completed and today with online passport inaugurating.

In the inauguration, MCIT & MOI ministers, Wolesi Jerga (Lower House) representatives, High Government delegations, national and international media representatives participated.

Online passport is a positive step towards developing the new technology management sector and pleased with the establishment and creation of this system, said H.E. Shahzad Aryobee, MCIT Minister. He added ‘One of the goals of Asan Khedmat is to simplify and computerizing the current public services and Online passport is considered first and efficient step towards E-Gov.’

Specialists of Asan Khedmat after two years of many studies abled to simplify and computerize the passport issuing system in which Online passport inducted.

Previously, the passport processes were lengthy, complicated and had obstacles and weren’t based on International standards, applicants could have waited minimum 10 days to get their passports. Its worth mentioning, an applicant could have gotten two to three passports by the same name.  

To end up with these barriers and obstacles, in 2017 Asan Khedmat team developed and installed the first step that could provide solutions of the problems. Asan Khedmat to provide ease and comfort decreased the passport processes from 16 to 4. The new passport system has the capacity to issues 10000 passports a day where previously could print 2000. The current system is standardized it means that the system has the Biometric process merged with border areas especially with airports and has a complete proper reporting system.  

In the second phase of the project in the online format, Afghans could get the online forms through and websites. Its to mention that, the system automatically creates bank slip and the system automatically alerts and assigns the exact date and time to visit CPD for check and biometric process. At the end, an applicant can get his/her passport from identified post offices mentioned in the form.


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