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    ayed Ahmad Ahmadi, 31 years old, lives 150 km from Kabul, in the middle of the mountainous villages of Fazil, Sorkh Parsa district in Parwan province. The father of seven children beside farming is also in working with education directorate.


  • Asan Passport

    Passport is a government valuable document which enables citizens to travel across the globe and which certifies the nationality and identity of its holder abroad.

  • Visa Extension

    The Asan Visa Services is considered for international guests who needs to extend their presence in the country. The online visa application form will be launched in on Jan 15 2017.

  • Asan Jawaz

    Asan Jawaz is the work permit service both for national and international citizens who want to work in Afghanistan and need work permit. This online service will launched on Feb 15 2017.

  • MSP

    MSP connects all the government organizations and ministries. Mobile Salary Payment is Money transaction through Mobile.